Central Garden & Sea Lion Pool

At the heart of the park, bark hello to the sea lions, meet their devoted keepers, and take time to smell the roses. The sea lion feed is a visitor favorite, showcasing the acrobatic talents of April, Clarisse, and Scooter.

What to See and Do

Sea lion feeding and presentation: 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm
Whether they're high-fiving their trainers, showing off their flips, or catching fish on the fly, our charismatic sea lions love to impress a crowd.

Get a fish-eye view of the sea lions.
The pool's glass walls give visitors a cool underwater view. Watch the sea lions porpoise through the pool.

Meet the keepers.
During the feedings, zookeepers demonstrate how they check the sea lions’ bodies, teeth, and vision, and give other routine care.

Take a break in the garden.
During warmer weather, the Central Garden makes for a pleasant respite from the zoo’s bustle. Heirloom rosebushes are a specialty.