Tisch Children's Zoo

A walk-through wildlife adventure awaits young explorers. This compact nature trail features a barnyard full of friendly sheep and alpacas, a meandering duck pond, and plenty of places for little hands and feet to hop, scuttle, and climb!

What to See and Do

Hide out in our duck blind.
Search for pintails, teals, shelducks, and other water birds from a hidden spot alongside our duck pond.

Trade hands and feet for paws and claws.
Climb into a turtle shell, hop across lily pads like a frog, shimmy up a spider’s web, and try on a kid-size pair of rabbit ears.

Touch velvety noses and furry ears.
Feed a handful of grain to goats, sheep, alpacas, potbellied pigs, and other barnyard creatures.

Mingle with the birds.
Go beak-to-beak with guinea fowl and peacocks, and pop by a feeding station where ring-necked doves share snacks with sparrows.