A Crane Is Born

May 8, 2014

A white-naped crane chick has joined the ranks at the zoo. Although this is the second chick for this set of parents, it is the first offspring to be hatched at this zoo.

If you've stopped by the zoo recently, you may have seen our most recent addition strutting around on exhibit with mom and dad. This pint-sized white-naped crane chick was born on April 11, the first of the species to be born at the zoo.

These birds are a migratory species native to East Asia and are classified as "Vulnerable," making this hatching an even brighter success. WCS breeds the species as part of the SSP program, and has identified them as a conservation priority in Mongolia. WCS has worked with conservation partners and governments across its range to help conserve this iconic species.

Wild white-naped crane populations are estimated to be between 5,500 and 6,500 individuals. The species is at risk because of loss of its wetland habitats to agriculture. This latest addition at the zoo is a tiny step in solidifying this species for the future.

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